Terms and conditions!




All appointments are final! Refunds are not provided, and payments are not transferable to future reservations. In the event that property, equipment, or props are damaged by you or your guests during your session, James Hardy Photography has the right to withhold your photo gallery until payment for a replacement, or repair has been received.



For all non-studio reservations, deposits are non-refundable. All canceled reservations will receive a refund of all payments made, except the initial deposit which will serve as the cancellation fee.



Running late? To ensure that every appointment begins on time, please know that late arrivals & "prep time" in the dressing room, will count against your session time. We recommend that you reserve a session with the amount of time that can accommodate your expectations for your session. Please check the address immediately after booking to get an idea of travel time and plan your arrival accordingly!


Extra guest? You may bring a maximum of two none photographed guest during your session. Children are not to be left unattended and are to remain seated to prevent injury and or property damage.



Clothes changes? You may change as much as you like within your session time. Your time will not pause during outfit changes, If you need more time, you may purchase more time if there is no session booked after you.


Your own props? You may bring your own props if you like. If the props require plenty of time to setup, please let James Hardy Photography know in advance. In most cases, you will be allowed to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to setup and not interrupt your session time. There may be a setup/cleanup fee, so ask first! We have a variety of seating props in studio. Some may come with your session and others can be rented.